20mm Coarse Aggregate Class 1 (Blue Black)

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Rodi (20mm) Coarse Aggregate Class1 (Blue Black) 0.5 namber 1 rodi 20mm


Coarse aggregates are the aggregates of size greater than 4.75 mm and typically get classified as 10mm (Jeera Rodi) and 20mm (Rodi). They are obtained by natural disintegration or by artificial crushing of rocks. The maximum size of coarse aggregate can be 80 mm. In practise an aggregate which is classified as 20mm, has nearly 70% aggregate that passes through 20mm with nearly 90% ranging between 10mm and 20mm. For better strength and mix proportions use a combination of 2 sizes 20mm (Rodi) down to 10mm (Jeera Rodi) down. The ratio should be between 60:40 and 70:30.Class 1 Rodi has lesser silt content than Class 2 and thus, is better than class 2 Rodi. Class 1 Super Rodi denotes largely blue colored rodi.

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