Jindal air Rectangular AAC Block


Brand : Jindal air Rectangular AAC Block
Quantity : 1000Bag
Selling Price: ₹2500
MRP : ₹ 4000
  • Logistics charges to be borne by supplier
  • Unloading the material to be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Quality tested & Highly adhesive.
  • Smoother finish and high resistance to seepage.
  • Higher resistance to ‘cracking’ due to low heat-of-hydration.


Energy saving, Eco-friendly; helps reduce carbon foot print

  • Manufactured from recycled material with zero wastage
  • Quicken up construction by up to 30%

Dimensionally accurate & easy workability

  • Factory finished with superb surface finish;
  • easily accepts renders & plasters
  • Use of standard tools to cut, saw, chisel, drill & shape

Unmatched properties

  • Super lightweight; 1/3rd the density of day bricks
  • Non-combustible with superior fire resistance
  • Exceptional thermal & acoustic insulation
  • No cavity construction; eliminates termites, rodents, pests & fungal growth

Guaranteed savings

  • Reduces foundation load of the building up to 30%
  • Reduces power consumption by 27%
  • Steel & Cement saving by 18% & 12% respectively

Advantage of JINDAL AIR AAC Blocks

Light Weight
Jindal Air AAC Blocks are 3 times lighter than bricks.

Assured quality
Jindal Air AAC Blocks are made in fully automatic plant under strict quality parameters

Fire Resistant
Jindal Air AAC Blocks are non-combustible and have melting point of approximately 1500 Degree C. Thus fire resistance is 3 times more (4-6 Hours for 200mm thick wall) than conventional bricks.

Pest & Termite Resistant
Jindal Air AAC Blocks are pest and termite resistant due to the inorganic nature.

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